Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sympathy Pains

My best friend mysteriously hurt her right ankle in her sleep. Yeah. In her sleep. She woke up Monday morning with a sore ankle and didn't know how it happened. She finally went to the doctor on Wednesday, and he said she has a strain, and to stay off of it until she can see an orthopedic specialist. Meanwhile, she's got one of those ugly braces, and crutches. She came to work today, to pick up her laptop, so she can check her email and do some work from home. Such a dedicated government employee, I tell ya. Since she couldn't maneuver very well with the crutches, purse and laptop, I helped her down to her car when she left. I carried the purse and laptop and she limped along with the crutches. Halfway to her car, I got struck with a pain in the heel of my left foot. Out of nowhere, it hit me. A sharp, stabbing pain, with every step. So, there we were; she's limping on her right foot, with crutches; and, I'm limping on my left foot, with a purse and laptop. Some man came past us, just as I yelled “Ouch,” and reached for my foot, but we continued hobbling along, laughing at what a picture we must have made. He kinda laughed, too. I'm sure we were a sight. All I can say is, I'm glad she's not pregnant. But, that's another story, entirely.

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