Friday, January 9, 2009

Missing You

Some days, more than others, I beat myself up over things I have no control. Well, some of the things I do have control over—just not right now—and I beat myself up for it. I firmly believe in “Let Go and Let God,” and I do that. But, today was one of those days when something caught up with me and I let it get to me. And, of course on a day like that, I’d get an email about “Phenomenal Women,” in which category I do NOT feel a part of today. The “Images of A Mom” were part of the email message, and after reading it, all I wanted to do was cry. Stupid, sentimental, emotional, mushy. Why do I feel like this today!!?! Because my mother's birthday would have been this Sunday, January 11th. And, I miss my Mom.
The Images of A Mom 4 YEARS OF AGE - My Mommy can do anything! 8 YEARS OF AGE - My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot! 12 YEAR S OF AGE -My Mother doesn't really know quite everything. 14 YEARS OF AGE - Naturally, Mother doesn't know that, either! 16 YEARS OF AGE - Mother? She's hopelessly old-fashioned. 18 YEARS OF AGE - That old woman? She's way out of date! 25 YEARS OF AGE - Well, she might know a little bit about it. 35 YEARS OF AGE - Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion. 45 YEARS OF AGE - Wonder what Mom would have thought about it? 65 YEARS OF AGE - Wish I could talk it over with Mom.

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