Sunday, May 31, 2009

Domestic Tranquility

Hey Bloggers! I know. I know. It's been a while since I posted a blog. You know how it is. You plan things and then life gets in the way of those plans. So, I got a few free minutes today to post about the zany times here in Mathisland. We're all fine and still crazy. LOL Getting ready for my oldest to graduate from high school. I've been reminiscing alot lately about when he was a baby. I guess events like graduations make you reflect. I can't believe the years have passed by so quickly. But, I am extremely proud of the young man he has become. He's working part-time right now, until graduation. He has no plans on attending college, but I'm hoping he'll change his mind. My middle son stays bored most of the time. There's nothing to do, according to him. He pretty much stays on the basketball court. He played football at the beginning of the school year, but, he loves basketball. So, why didn't he try out for the basketball team? No idea! The youngest is just a typical spoiled child. Always hanging around mommy. If I grab my car keys, he's usually waiting on the porch before I hit the door. That child is stuck to me like glue. And, he says he's never going to leave me. Oh, what joy. To round out this very happy Mathis Bunch, I now have a grandpuppy. Yes, my oldest son got a dog. He's a Lab mix. His paws are huge, so I know he's going to be big. So, add him in with the two dogs I already have, and you can see why I have no free time. I've been watching alot of the Dog Whisperer, with Ceasar Milan, and I tell you, that man is a genius! I have learned so much about how to be an effective pack leader with these three dogs. And, with these three boys! Ceasar is awesome! Until next time bloggers! Soon. I promise!

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