Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prayer Shawl

A few weeks ago in church, the Minister told us one of our members had breast cancer. She had been in remission for 20 years, but the doctors found something on her last appointment.

It was sad. It was touching. It was overwhelming.

I wanted to make her a prayer shawl and I've been searching the internet for a pattern I liked but just couldn't find the right one. I stumbled upon "Julie's Tears." It's easy, simple, and beautiful.

I fought over this for a few weeks; trying to find the right pattern. Eventually, I gave up and decided to make my own pattern. I graphed the words "Prayer for health" and started single crocheting the shawl. I wasn't feeling it. I figured out yesterday the reason I wasn't "feeling it." I have to be slightly under the weather. It didn't make sense to me either until I really thought about it. When I woke up yesterday, I had a horrible headache. I think it was from all the pollen. I just felt miserable. I searched the internet for a pattern and found "Julie's Tears" immediately. I reached for my yarn, turned on my gospels and three hours later, my prayer shawl was finished.

My crazy way of thinking is that I need to be in pain to tune in to the healing I'm praying for, for the recipient. Like I said, crazy. But it worked for me. And when I was done, my headache was gone. Don't tell me prayer doesn't work!

Here's the link to the prayer shawl:

That's it for now. Stay Blessed and happy.


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